Support Scheme for Renewable Heat

The government has launched a Support Scheme for Renewable Heat which is intended to help meet Ireland’s 2020 renewable energy targets and will be administered by SEAI. It is hoped to be up and running during 2018.

This scheme aims to financially support the replacement of fossil fuel heating systems with renewable energy for large non-domestic users of heat. These users could be commercial, industrial, agricultural, district heating, public sector and other non-domestic business users.

What will be supported

The scheme will support projects through one of the following support mechanisms:

  1. An on-going operational support (paid for a period up to 15 years) based on useable heat output in renewable heating systems in new installations or installations that currently use a fossil fuel heating system and convert to using the following technologies:
    • Biomass heating systems – which we supply
    • Anaerobic digestion heating systems
  2. A grant (of up to 30%) to support investment in renewable heating systems that use the following technologies:
    • Air source heat pumps
    • Ground source heat pumps and
    • Water source heat pumps
  3. Other technologies and methods of support may be added in subsequent phases of the scheme.

How the ongoing payment system will work

This support consists of a multi-annual payment (for a period of up to 15 years) on the basis of prescribed tariffs. The maximum tariffs paid will be:

  • 5.66 cents per kilowatt hour of energy produced from biomass heating systems and
  • 2.95 cents per kilowatt hour of energy produced from anaerobic digestion heating systems

The tariffs paid will reduce with increasing output reflecting the economy of scale associated with larger systems. In a nutshell, the scheme will reward users with a paid tariff for the amount of renewable fuel burned for heat, depending on the amount of energy used per annum, which will decrease with increased usage.

The proposed tariffs for the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat as set out by the Government are as below. As suppliers of biomass heating systems we hope that our customers can avail of

Tier Lower Limit MWh/year Upper Limit MWh/year Biomass Heating Systems Tariff c/kWh Anaerobic Digestion Heating Systems Tariff c/kWh
1 0 300 5.66 2.95
2 300 1,000 3.02 2.95
3 1,000 2,400 0.50 0.50
4 2,400 10,000 0.50 0
5 10,000 50,000 0.37 0
6 50,000 n/a 0 0

This will be a good time to make the move to renewable energy. It’s critically important that you get the appropriate boiler size to suit your needs and with our 15 years of experience in the renewable heating sector we are best placed to advise you.  Presently we have these three options for you:

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