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We are trained installers of the stoves and boilers that we supply, so we will ensure that your stove is fitted properly, that the correct flue is correctly fitted in accordance with Building Regulations, and that it is working properly giving you a wonderfully warm home. You can have a browse through our installation gallery of some recent photos of stoves we have fitted.
Installation and commissioning We will deliver your new stove to your home and put it in the place where you intend locating it. We will then fit your stove which means that we will fix it in place on the appropriate hearth, (ensuring all the correct clearances governed by the Building Regulations are complied with), attach the flue system, and then you are ready to go.

FluesWe will fit a flue for the stove – if you are going to use an existing chimney then we will supply and fit a flexible flue liner which matches the size of the flue outlet from the stove. Alternatively if you do not have an existing chimney we will install a rigid twin-wall flue to fit the flue outlet of the stove. All sizes, lengths and clearances will comply with Building Regulations. Please refer to drawings of flues for suggested installations.
We can fit a granite hearth under your stove to comply with Building Regulations, including all the clearances that are required around the stove. These granite slabs come in a variety of sizes in shapes so you can choose just what will suit your home.

In the case of installing a boiler, we offer a plumbing service where we will connect your existing heating system to your new boiler.

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