call-usWe offer a nationwide fuel delivery service for all of our wood fuels. Our wood fuels are delivered stacked on a pallet and so quantities may vary depending on the product. These pallets will be delivered to your home with a pallet truck, so it would be ideal if you had a smooth or flat surface on which to pull this to your dry storage area.

Wood Pellets

6mm wood pellets

Green Heat pellets

We are one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of bagged wood pellets and in fact Green Heat was one of the first companies to supply wood pellets to the domestic heating market. We deliver Green Heat Wood Pellets nationwide in 10kg or 15kg bags, in pallet lots. These are a six millimeter wood pellet.  There are 80 of the 15kg bags on a pallet and there are 120 of the 10kg bags on a pallet. Wood pellets are for use in a wood pellet stove or boiler, as they need a feed system in order to burn. However, we do have some customers who use them for cat litter, so they are quite versatile!

Kiln dried logs

Kiln-dried logs

Kiln-dried logs

It is great to have your own timber to burn, but given that moisture content can be high in Ireland due to our often damp climate, our kiln dried logs will provide you with more heat per kilogram for your home compared with freshly chopped wood. Also the drying process increases the durability of the wood, which means that it will store for much longer, and be less likely to decay or have insect build-up. We have two types, Alder and Birch. They come in 20 litre and 40 litre net bags.

Wood briquettes

Wood briquettes
These are made from compressed sawdust, and as part of the process the natural glue of the wood acts as a binder, so that no actual binder is used. We deliver these nationwide and the minimum order is one pallet, and there are 120 briquettes on a pallet.

Hardwood for wood gasification boilers

Pallet of hardwood logs

These are hardwood logs, which are cut in lengths suitable for burning in wood gasification appliances. We deliver these in pallet lots, and there is approximately one metric tonne of wood on the pallet.

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