A buffer tank is a ‘back up’ or reserve tank for storing hot water which can be called upon as and when needed. It can be used in conjunction with solar water heating, and boilers as part of a central heating sysem. The water is heated by the heat source (solar, biomass or wood gasification boiler) to a set temperature in the tank and this hot water can be stored until it is required. It therefore will reduce the ‘short cycling’ of a boiler, in that it will reduce the amount of times that a boiler will turn on and off to heat the water, and in doing this it will help to increase the lifetime of the boiler.

A buffer tank can be used in conjunction with wood pellet boilers and wood gasification boilers, as part of a heating system.  We will assess your requirements and recommend a suitable buffer tank for your heating system, which we can install for you. All this can be done at the time of your free assessment, so call today to arrange yours.


The sizing of the buffer tank depends on the hot water requirements of your house. So either your plumber can calculate your requirements or we can assess this for you, and this will determine the size of the buffer tank, which in turn will help to determine the size of your boiler.


Buffer tanks come in the following forms:

  • Single Coil
  • Double Coil
  • Tank on Tank – includes domestic water tank
  • Stratification – for wood gasification boilers

Sizes vary from 700L to 5000L.



Stratification_tankThis buffer tank storage system stores the energy in layers. The SLS® stratification systems guarantee a constantly stable and therefore highly efficient tank. Flow and return of storage tank water is provided by internal stratification inserts in the flow and return line, in which the water sorts itself by gravity and then arranges in layers almost flow-less into the corresponding temperature zones.

A surplus of energy can easily be contained and stored. Moreover, the water can be released quickly when needed. The Solarbayer stratification system optimally completes each heat generator without the need for any control systems. It operates maintenance free and with high operating reliability. The heat exchanger is an internal coil located inside the buffer tank, and is not external.

SPS with heat exchanger – Specifications:

 Description  SPS 1000  SPS 1500  SPS 2200
 Water Heating Capacity (l)  1000 1500 2200
 Dimensions(incl. insulation)Ø x Height mm  990 x 2110 1200 x 2220 1450 x 2170
 Max. operating temperature buffer °C  95  95  95
 Max. operating pressure buffer bar  6  6  6
 approx. weight. (without / with solar coil) kg  142/194  206/248  285/342
 SPS/S heat exchange surface m²  4 4.5 5
 SPS/S heat exchange capacity L  18.9 21.2 23.5
 SPS/S max. temperature heat exchanger °C  110 110 110
 SPS/S max. pressure heat exchanger bar 10 10 10



dhw_tankThis tank is for heating systems that are not used in conjunction with a solar water heating system. There are two available, the 150 litre, and the 200litre.






DHW Tank 150 L and 200 L – Specifications:

 Description BW 150
 BW 200
 Water heating Capacity (L)  150  200
 Dimensions(incl. insulation)Ø x Height mm  600 x 990  620 x 1260



Solar_dhw_SKLThis tank is used either in solar systems for the preparation of domestic water or in systems with a combination of buffer tanks. Due to the layout of the return line at the bottom of the tank, the temperature is 15°C lower than in regular solar tanks with standard heat exchangers. As a result of that, the efficiency and the performance of the solar collector is increased by up to 15%. Due to the vast heat exchanger in the upper area of the tank, the fuel value efficiency is guaranteed, even when refuelling with a condensing boiler. Therefore, the DHW output capacity of the SKL tank is higher than the output capacity of a regular solar tank.

Solar DHW Tank SKL – Specifications:

 Description  SKL 500  SKL 750
 Water Heating Capacity (l)  500 750
 Dimensions(incl. insulation)Ø x Height mm 750 x 1805 960 x 1875
 approx. weight kg  171  265


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