Combine the modern technology and convenience of a wood pellet stove with the efficiency of an insert stove, and have a wood pellet insert stove. With it’s classic clean finish, it is easy to use and maintain. It has a built-in hopper which can last for a minimum of 7 hours, it requires very little top up.

active systemMCZ wood pellet insert stoves are designed with Active system, which means that it will work with all 6 or 8mm wood pellets, regardless of length. There is an accurate sensor inside the stove which automatically adjusts the combustion air constantly according to the quantity of pellets present in the grate, thus ensuring efficient combustion, which means lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and much less frequent cleaning for you.

These stoves can be programmed to suit daily or weekly settings, and can be adjusted by remote control. This remote control can also adjust the temperature settings to suit you, as it is fitted with a room thermostat. . TThere is also a smartphone app which can be downloaded to manage the settings on the stove. (Accessory required).

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Boxtherm 60 - 6.1 kW

Boxtherm 60 – 6.1 kW

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