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Boru 500i – 8.5kW Multi-fuel insert stove


The Boru 500i insert stove from Boru Stoves is a 8.5 kW multi-fuel dry stove which will heat a good sized room, and what’s more it will fit into a standard fireplace, and occupy very little space on your hearth. It will radiate heat and also it naturally convects heat in your room.

As with all Boru stoves it is a multi-fuel stove, and as it is fitted with a multi-fuel grate, it will burn both wood and solid fuels. We can supply you with a choice of wood products from kiln-dried hardwood logs, and wood briquettes, or solid fuels.

It comes with Boru Stoves’ airwash system for cleaner glass. These means the preheating of air, and the funnelling of that air down the front of the glass to ensure a clearer view of your fire. The Boru 500i also comes with CO2 burn technology, which means that there is a secondary burn of gases which would normally be emitted into the atmosphere, which means that you get more fire from your fuel and also doing your bit for the environment. It also has an external and easy to use riddling system.



  • Will fit into most standard fireplaces
  • 4 sided and extra wide optical frames available
  • Available with optional central air intake (outside air)

Technical details

Boru 500i Technical Details

Description Value Boru 500i
Room heating capacity with good insulation Cubic meters M³ 120
Heat output kW 8.5
Type of Fuel Wood, Kiln-dried logs, wood briquettes, lignite (brown coal) and solid fuels
Efficiency % 82.4
Flue outlet diameter inch 6
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 550 x 500 x 420


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