A multi-fuel room-heating stove offers you choice, convenience and efficiency. You have the choice of fuels as some of these stoves will burn solid fuels as well as wood. With advances in technology, such as clean burn technology; your fuel will burn more efficiently so it will last longer, and giving you value for money. Also with airwash technology giving you cleaner glass, you will have a clear view of your fire. As multi-fuel stoves are available in a wide range of outputs, they can heat a room of any size, from small rooms to large open-plan areas.

Why choose a multi-fuel stove?

More Efficient:

If you want to have a coal fire, but would like to get more from your fuel, then choose a solid fuel or multi-fuel stove, as theses stoves are over three times more efficient than an open fire, which is only 15-20% efficient.

Sourced in Ireland:

We supply multi-fuel stoves made by Henley Stoves, who are based in Co. Kerry and whose core aim is to "provide a genuine quality product at affordable prices and to provide an exceptional customer service". We also supply multi-fuel stoves made by Pierce Stoves of Wexford who have developed the Glas Range for a contemporary look on a classic stove with style, performance and efficiency.

Sourced from Proven stove manufacturers

We always have quality in mind when we are looking for choice for our customers and so we also source stoves from manufacturers who have proved their quality and reliablity such as Arada Stoves and Henley Stoves.

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