Olga 501 X – 11.1 kW Ducted Wood pellet stove


The Olga 501 X is a ducted wood pellet stove with an output of 11.1 kW that heats the room that it’s located in, while heating an adjacent room through a hot air ventilation duct, whereby warm air is blown through a duct into another room. This means that you can heat more than one room without the expense or inconvenience of additional plumbing.

It has a modern painted steel and mirror finish which is available in several colours. There iss a self cleaning glass panel in the door for a panoramic view of your fire. It has a digital LCD display. The stove is programmable, and can be set daily, weekly or for the weekend. It also has a stand-by mode for automatic shut-off for maximum savings. The exhaust fumes vent can be vented from the top, back or side of the stove.


  • Will heat more than one room at a time
  • A really slim stove suitable for confined spaces
  • Easy to use
  • Completely automatic
  • Programmable – can be set to come on and off when you are not at home

Technical details

Olga 501 X Technical Details

Description Value Olga 501 x
Certification CE
Room heating capacity with good insulation Cubic meters M³ 228
Heat output kW 3.9 – 11.1
Efficiency % 89.1
Type of Fuel Wood pellet
Pellet consumption kg / hour Min 0.90 – Max 2.31
Pellet storage capacity kg 17.50
Flue outlet diameter mm 80
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 942 x 850 x 278


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