Club – 10.1 kW Ducted Wood pellet stove


The MCZ Club is a wood pellet stove with steel structure that has a ceramic top and sides. It has a cast iron brazier. It is available in Air, Comfort Air and Hydromatic versions:

  • AIR: This is simply the Club wood pellet stove that comes with a remote control with room thermostat which is supplied as standard.
  • The COMFORT AIR® version can effectively carry the warm air into other rooms. This is simply a wood pellet stove that can be ducted from it’s two outlets at the back of the stove to heat another room as well. It also has three fans that can be set separately with the remote control.
  • The HYDROMATIC version is an hydro pellet stove with innovative features, giving significant performance levels especially in terms of efficiency and emissions. The stove is what we would call a boiler stove which gives about 3- 5 kW to heat the room it’s in, while also keeping water and radiators hot.

There is a No-Air function which allows you to completely exclude forced ventilation in the stove, basically you can switch off the fan, ensuring maximum silence and all of the advantages of heat diffused throughout the room by natural convection. It is practical to use thanks to an innovative self-cleaning brazier and a larger ash drawer: an automatic scraping system prevents ash deposits and avoids having to clean the firebox on a daily basis, whereas the larger ash drawer allows emptying just once a week.

The AIR and COMFORT AIR® versions can be managed with a remote control with just a few buttons and lots of functions, which is supplied as standard. In addition to the normal daily and weekly programming functions, you can program different temperatures in different time slots during the day.


  • CLUB AIR: will heat a single room (10.1 kW)
  • CLUB COMFORT AIR: Will heat more than one room at a time (12.1 kW)
  • CLUB HYDROMATIC: will heat one room as well as water and radiators (16 kW, 4kW to room & 12kW to water)
  • Intelligent combustion management with Active+
  • Easy to light – lights very quickly and can be managed with an app on your smartphone
  • Easy to maintain – with self cleaning brazier and large ash drawer, means you will only need to empty it once a week
  • Completely automatic
  • Programmable – can be set to come on and off when you are not at home

Technical details

Club Air Technical Details

Description Value Club Air
Certification CE
Room heating capacity with good insulation Cubic meters M³ 248
Heat output kW 2.9 – 10.1
Efficiency % 90.3
Type of Fuel Wood pellet
Pellet consumption kg / hour Min 0.70 – Max 2.20
Pellet storage capacity L 42
Flue outlet diameter mm 80
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 1146 x590 x 547



We installed this stove in Co. Limerick, you can see more details of this installation and also what the customer was looking for in our installation gallery.

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