Betty 531- 11.6kW ducted wood pellet stove


Betty 531 – 11.6 kW Ducted Wood pellet stove


The Betty 531 is a wood pellet stove that heats the room that it is located in, while heating another room at the same time. This is done through a hot air ventilation duct, through which warm air is blown into the other room. It has an overall heat output of 11.6kW.

It has a painted steel finish which is available in several colours. The door of the stove is cast iron, as is the grate, and there is a self cleaning glass panel in the door for a panoramic view of your fire. It has a digital LCD display. The stove is programmable, and can be set daily, weekly or for the weekend. It also has a stand-by mode for automatic shut-off for maximum savings. All in all, this is a very efficient stove that is easy to use and maintain.


  • Will heat more than one room at a time
  • Easy to use
  • Completely automatic
  • Programmable – can be set to come on and off to suit you

Technical details

Betty 531 Technical Details

Description Value Betty 531
Certification CE
Room heating capacity with good insulation Cubic meters M³ 235
Heat output kW 3.5 – 11.6
Efficiency % 88.8
Type of Fuel Wood pellet
Pellet consumption kg / hour Min 0.78 – Max 2.41
Pellet storage capacity kg 21
Flue outlet diameter mm 80
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 1100 x 555 x 490


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