These stoves are so much more exciting than an ordinary wood pellet stove. They have huge potential and can heat more than one room at a time. And while it is exciting for us to introduce their potential to you, they are not a new technology. With these wood pellet stoves, you can heat the room that the stove is in as well as other rooms or space. It works through a ducting system whereby warm air from the stove is channelled to the other rooms.

A ducting wood pellet stove:

  • convects from one room to potentially several other rooms
  • can be used in either a single storey house
  • can be zoned to control each element of the building
  • can be electronically programmed both for temperature and time
  • can also be manually controlled.
  • results in no primary heat loss occuring as the primary energy is created indoors.
  • We have one of these stoves heating our showroom, along with a ducting system so you can come and see it working for yourself.

If you are wondering about how a wood pellet stove works, just click on the link and you will find our description of how it works.

All of the benefits and advantages of wood pellet heating in more than one room, without the need for complicated plumbing and radiators. These stoves are highly efficient, with low pellet comsumption. They are fully automatic, are programmable in that you can set them to come on and go off at times that suit you and they are easy to use.

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