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Stella 740 SA – 19.9 kW Wood pellet boiler stove


The Stella 740 SA is a highly efficient wood pellet boiler stove from Lincar with an overall heat output of 19.9 kW. It has an output of between 4.5kW and 14.4kW to domestic hot water and for heating your home, and a convected heat output of 5.5kW to the room that it’s located in.

It has a ceramic finish which is available in several colours. It has low consumption and high energy performance. It is programmable, which means that you can set it to come on and go off when you need your home heated. It has a digital LCD display and there is the option for a remote control. All in all this is a very efficient stove that is easy to maintain.

To add to your convenience, we can deliver your wood pellets right to your door, just give us a ring order them today at 069 65200.



  • Ecologic combustion system
  • Ceramic self-cleaning glass
  • LCD digital display
  • Programmable either daily, weekly or weekend
  • Stand-by mode
  • Ash drawer recovery
  • 740 model available with plate heat exchanger
  • Circulator | Expansion vessel | safety valve

Technical details

Stella 740 SA Technical Details

Description Value Stella 740 SA
Certification CE
Room heating capacity with good insulation Cubic meters M³ 430
Total heat output kW 5.4 – 19.9
Heat output to room kW 5.5
Heat output to water kW 4.4 – 14.4
Efficiency % 93.8 – 96.7
Type of Fuel Wood pellet
Pellet consumption kg / hour Min 1.08 – Max 3.81
Pellet storage capacity kg 30
Flue outlet diameter mm 80
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 1165 x 570 x 540



We installed this boiler stove for a custgomer in Charleville, Co. Cork, you can see more details of this installation and also what the customer was looking for in our installation gallery.


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