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Siria 840 SA – 19.9 kW Wood pellet boiler stove


The Siria 840 SA is a highly efficient wood pellet boiler stove from Lincar with an overall heat output of 19.9 kW. It has an output of between 4.5kW and 14.4kW to domestic hot water and for heating your home, and a convected heat output of 5.5kW to the room that it’s located in. And it is so easy to use, that it can be started by just switching it on!

It has an enamelled cast-iron finish with ceramic tiles which are available in several colours. It has low consumption and high energy performance. It is programmable, which means that you can set it to come on and go off when you need your home heated. It has a digital LCD display and there is the option for a remote control. A

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