The Lincar range of wood pellet boiler stoves that we supply are of a very good quality, and they give consistent performance. They are a very efficient, clean and convenient way of heating your home, with very little handling. Each boiler stove is really easy to use, has an LCD display and can be matched with your specific needs with it’s built-in timer you can set it to come on and off when you want it to. Each stove has an optional remote control, meaning that you can manage your stove from the comfort of your chair.

Because there is a built-in fuel store, if you fill this up with, then you get several days heating from just one fill, so you won’t have to keep topping up your fire.

We will install your boiler stove for you, including all of the fittings and any flues you may need. Importantly we insist on commissioning your boiler stove, which means that we will be there for the first fire-up of your stove to be sure that everything works right and is to your satisfaction.

We will visit your home, assess your needs and give you a quote - all for FREE!
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