Multi-fuel Boiler stoves

A multi-fuel boiler stove offers you choice, style, convenience and efficiency. You will be able to enjoy the lovely warm fire in the room that you put the boiler stove as well as it heating the rest of your home, and all of your hot water needs.  With advances in technology, these stoves are so much more than an open fire; your fuel will burn more efficiently so that it will last longer, and therefore give you more value for money. And with built-in airwash technology to ensure cleaner glass, you will have a clear view of your fire.

Pierce Stoves and Henely Stoves use  technologies such as an airwash system for cleaner glass. This means the preheating of air, and the funnelling of that air down the front of the glass to ensure a clearer view of your fire. They also use what’s known as Cleanburn technology, which means that there is a secondary burn of gases which would normally be emitted into the atmosphere, which means that you get more fire from your fuel while doing your bit for the environment. It also has an external and easy to use riddling system. All stoves are tested to CE- EN13240 standard.

These boiler stoves are available in a wide range of outputs, with some of the larger boiler stoves you will also heat a good sized well insulated room. We can offer you either a free-standing or insert option so that you are bound to find a stove to suit your needs. You also have the additional flexibilty to burn solid fuels or wood as some of these stoves will burn either.

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Freestanding multi-fuel boiler stoves


Insert multi-fuel boiler stoves

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