Sit in the glow from a lovely warm stove, knowing that in the background it is heating your hot water and the rest of your home. A boiler stove will give you all the efficiencies and comforts of a stove but will also effectively heat domestic hot water and the radiators in your home.

We can offer you either wood burning boiler stove, if you have your own timber,  although we would advise that this burns best when there is less than 20-25% moisture in it. We have wood pellet boiler stoves, if you want to make the switch to renewable fuel as well as the convenience of using wood pellet. We also have multi-fuel boiler stoves, if you prefer the traditional look for your home. So that you have a choice of fuels as well as appliances.

A lovely cosy fire and a lovely warm home!!

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Wood pellet boiler stoves

Wood burning boiler stoves

Multi-fuel boiler stoves

Multi-fuel insert boiler stoves

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