Wood is a great source of fuel, from campfires in the summer to keeping warm by the fire on long winter nights. As well as our range of solid fuels, we have a good range of wood fuels in recognition of the different technologies that now heat our homes, and also the more environmentally conscious nature of our world. Our priority is always to ensure good quality for all of the products and continuity of supply for all of our customers.

When heating your home you have as much of a variety of wood fuels as you have a variety of stoves and boilers in which to use them.  Wood is a wonderfully versatile fuel, in that it can be used for both cooking and heating. It is possible to get various forms of wood fuel either made from wood waste or wood that has been dried to increase   it’s heat output and efficiency.

Benefits of Wood


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  • Carbon Neutral
  • Easy to Light
  • High Heat Output
  • Convenient
  • Clean, minimal ash
  • Very Energy Efficient
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What are they made from?

They are made from 100% wood either from sawdust or shavings which is dried and pulverised. There are no additives. The Lignin within the wood acts as a natural binder to form the pellet.  It is then fed into the centre of a large steel die and ‘pressed’ through 6mm holes to form the cylindrical shapes. There are also 8mm wood pellets made. We have a little information leaflet about wood pellets.

How are they used?

The most common size of wood pellets used in domestic appliances has a diameter of approximately 6mm, although some appliances can use pellets with a larger diameter. Manufacturers of wood pellet burning stoves will always recommend the appropriate size pellet for each particular appliance, but 6mm is the best size for domestic indoor appliances. They are for use in wood pellet stoves and boilers, but can be used in an open fire with a pellet basket.

How do we deliver them to you?

As one of Ireland’s leading suppliers, we deliver 6mm Green Heat Wood Pellets nationwide in 10kg or 15kg bags, in pallet lots. There are 80 of the 15kg bags on a pallet and there are 120 of the 10kg bags on a pallet.shop_now

Arrange your delivery today, by giving us a call or you can buy now from our online shop and we will make all of the arrangements to deliver the fuel to your door.

Thinking of buying a pellet stove?

We also supply a range of wood pellet appliances, so why not have a look at our wood pellet stoves, wood pellet boiler stoves and wood pellet boilers.

How does a pellet stove work?

If you’ve ever wondered how a wood pellet stove works, just click here for a description.


Wood briquettes
This is made from compressed sawdust, and as part of the process the natural glue of the wood acts as a binder, so that no actual binder is used.

We deliver these nationwide. The minimum order is one pallet, and there are 120 briquettes on a pallet.   If you wish to buy less than this, then you can buy them from your local coalman. Just give us a call to find out your local fuel supplier.


We have two types of logs, Alder and Birch. As a result of being kiln-dried, the logs contain less moisture than the wood that you may have yourself and as a result they will have a higher heat output. They come in 20 litre and 40 litre net bags, and we can deliver them to your door.


Pallet of hardwood logs

Pallet of hardwood logs

These are hardwood logs, which are cut in lengths suitable for burning in wood gasification appliances. We will deliver them to your home on a pallet for ease of storage and it keeps them up off of the ground as well. Remember that it is best that you store wood in a dry enclosed area, like a shed.

Interested in a wood gasification boiler?

Curious to know how a wood gasification boiler works, well we have detailed description, so just click on the link.


These are small lengths of chopped wood which can easily be used to start a fire, either in your open fire, your multi-fuel or your wood burning stove.

Thinking of buying a wood burning stove?

Why not have a look at our choice of  wood burning stoves.

Need help on how to light a fire?

Please see our frequently asked questions section for our suggestion.

Looking for your local Galtee Fuels stockist?

Feel free to contact us us and we will put you in touch with your nearest coal man.


You may live in an area where the burning of bituminous “smoky” coal is banned, in which case wood fuels may be an alternative for you. (A brief description of the history of the legislation that governs this as well as a detailed description of these areas is to be found in our smoky coal ban section.)

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