• We have union nuggets and union briquettes which can be burned in our wood burning stoves.


Cat LogoFor over twenty years we have been sourcing products to include in our wide range of solid fuels. Our priority is always to ensure good quality for all of the products and continuity of supply for all of our customers. Call us today to arrange your fuel delivery.call-us

When heating your home it is important to realise that you have a variety of fuel products to choose from. Often this may be determined by your choice of heating appliance, whether you have an open fire or an enclosed appliance or stove.

Blue Diamond Smokeless Coal tick
Live Flame Smokeless tick
Blue Diamond Pearls tick tick
Homefire Polish Coal tick Yes but may discolour glass which can be cleaned.
Premium Colombian Coal tick Yes but may discolour glass which can be cleaned.
Redflame Anthracite tick
Galtee Coal Briquettes tick
Galtee Peat Briquettes tick Yes but may discolour glass which can be cleaned.


Galtee Firelog tick
Galtee Chimney Cleaning Log tick tick
Green Heat Firelighters tick tick


Having trouble getting a fire going?

Please see our frequently asked questions section for our suggestion.

Looking for your local stockist?

We have acess to network of distributors who stock our fuels, so feel free to contact us us and we will put you in touch with your nearest coal man.


In certain areas of the country, there is legislation which bans the burning of bituminous “smoky” coal, and in these areas you can only burn smokeless fuel. Please note that coal cannot be sold in smokeless zones. A brief description of the history of this legislation as well as a detailed description of these areas is to be found in our smoky coal ban section. Also you can check out the EPA website for the latest on the new registration system for coal baggers. Our EPA Coal Bagging Operators number is F0015-01.


A carbon tax now applies on all solid fuels including coal and peat sold in Ireland. This Solid Fuel Carbon Tax or SFCT applies to all ‘first sales’ of coal and peat products, no matter how small the quantity. All ‘first suppliers’ of solid fuels must register with the Revenue Commissioners and a bi-monthly return must be made for all sales. Again we have a more detailed description of the solid fuel carbon tax such as what the rate of tax is per bag, per tonne, and how to register if you are a supplier.

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