With over twenty years of experience in the domestic heating market we feel that we have built up good relationships with our suppliers. We have always strived to source good quality products and a continuity of supply so that the customer will have a consistently good product.

We have built up a wide range of solid fuels including bituminous and smokeless fuels as well as a wide range of wood fuel products. Click on the picture below of the fuel type you are looking for to see our range of products.

Wood fuels

Wood fuels

Solid fuels

Solid fuels

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Nationwide delivery of wood fuels

We offer a nationwide delivery service for wood fuels to your door, just contact us to arrange your delivery.

Looking for your local Galtee Fuels stockist?

call-usWe have built up a network of stockists of our solid fuel products so feel free to contact us us and we will put you in touch with your nearest coal man.


There is legislation which bans the burning of bituminous “smoky” coal in certain areas of the country, and in these areas you can only burn smokeless fuel. These areas are known as smokeless zones. Please note that coal cannot be sold in smokeless zones. A brief description of the history of this legislation as well as a detailed description of these areas is to be found in our smoky coal ban section. Also as a solid fuel supplier and bagger, we are required under legislation to register with the EPA, and you can check out the EPA website for the latest on this registration system for coal baggers. Our EPA Coal Bagging Operators number is F0015-01.


A carbon tax now applies on all solid fuels including coal and peat sold in Ireland. This Solid Fuel Carbon Tax or SFCT applies to all ‘first sales’ of coal and peat products, no matter how small the quantity. All ‘first suppliers’ of solid fuels must register with the Revenue Commissioners and a bi-monthly return must be made for all sales. Again we have a more detailed description of the solid fuel carbon tax covering such areas as what the rate of tax is per bag, per tonne, and how to register if you are a supplier.

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