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Smart 120 – 22.7 kW Wood pellet boiler cooker


The Smart 120 from Klover with a heat output of 17.5kW to water, will heat all your hot water needs, heating your home, your kitchen and also gives you a hot oven and hotplate. It is very stylish in design, an attractive addition to your home.

It is an innovative way of using pellets to heat your home and cook. On the left hand side of the cooker is the fuel hopper which stores up to 32kg of wood pellets, which are automatically fed into the fire chamber, so very little handling for you. It can be controlled by remote control and is programmable to suit your needs. All in all a very convenient and efficient way of heating your home, and a stylish way of baking of course!


  • Wood pellet boiler cooker
  • A lovely view of your fire, as an airvent inside the door keeps the glass clean
  • 3 way valve control, especially if another boiler is connected to the system
  • Option to give priority to hot water
  • Enamelled cast iron hotplate
  • Timer can be set weekly to turn on/off the cooker up to four times each day
  • Remote control to adjust temperature settings

Technical details

Smart 120 Technical Details

Description Value SMART 120
Certification CE
Room heating capacity with good insulation Cubic meters M³ 560
Total heat output kW 22.7
Heat output to room kW 5.2
Heat output to radiators kW 17.5
Efficiency % 90.1
Type of Fuel Wood pellets
Flue outlet diameter mm 100
Oven Dimensions mm 360 x 300 x 390
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 875 x 1200 x 600


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