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Turner – Wood pellet and wood chip boiler 42-260 kW


The Turner is one of a range of boilers from Lopper, and are as a result of the investment and technologies of Lopper’s Drummer and Dragon ranges. It has a unique rotary grate principle, and comes in a variety of different outputs including 42, 62, 92 kW all the way up to 260 kW. This boiler can be used to burn wood pellets and wood chips. It’s well proven pre-oven system, coupled with the patented rotary grate technique, guarantees the trouble-free combustion of any grade of wood chips, including moistures levels of up to 50%, (although it should be noted that most manufacturers recommend a maximum of 20 to 25% moisture). It also has the advantage of a top feed system.


  • Efficiencies of between 91.6 % and 93.8 %
  • Lambda control of primary and secondary air flows minimize emissions
  • Dual motor driven rolling cylindrical grate minimzes maintenance.
  • Return water tempering system with motorized 3-way mixing valve and pump to maximize boiler service life.
  • Automatic ash removal with front-mount ash door.
  • Optional left-hand or right-hand cleaning door
  • LCD digital display
  • Easy to use

Technical details

Turner Technical Details

Description Value Turner 42 *
Heat output with wood pellets or woodchip (approx 25% moisture)
kW 12.8-48
Efficiency at nominal output
% 91.6-93.8
Flue outlet diameter mm 200
Dimensions W x D (mm) 980 x 1260

* Other Model details are in the brochure



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