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Twin Heat M series – 29, 48 and 80 kW Wood pellet boiler


The Twin Heat M Series biomass boilers are produced to a high standard in Denmark, and are very efficient, versatile and easy to use. The M series boiler comes with built-in fuel storage with the option of either a 300-500 litre hopper or a 700L hopper.It will burn wood pellet, wood chip and grains. The M is a very versatile boiler from a fuel point of view because apart from burning bulk biomass fuels, they can also be “hand-fired” – in that logs can be burned in the combustion chamber, up to 1 metre in length. It comes in a range of three outputs – M20 output is 29kW, M40 output is 48kW or and M80 output is 80kW when wood pellet is burned.

As with all our products, we have received training from Twin Heat on the installation of this boiler. It has been tested to the highest European standard EN 303-5, and was previously approved under the Greener Homes Scheme.



  • A wide choice of fuels including wood pellets, wood chip and grains
  • Outputs of up to 24 kW, 37kW and 64kW when grain is burned
  • Pre-progammed settings in the controller for pellet, chip and grain
  • Built-in Safety systems – water-cooled burner tube, a sprinkler system and a pressure device, and flue temperature regulator
  • Oxygen control to ensure that the stoker always works as optimal as possible
  • Option for fuel storage hopper to be fitted to either the left or right of the boiler
  • LCD digital display
  • Easy to use

Technical details

M Series Technical Details

Description Value M 20 *
Certification CE EN303-5
Heat output with woodpellets (approx 7% moisture)
kW 29
Heat output with woodchip (approx 25% moisture)
kW 24
Heat output with grain (approx 15% moisture) kW 24
Minimum output in pause mode
kW 1.5
Efficiency at nominal output
% 88
Fire box dimensions (for hand-firing) H x W x D (mm) 580 x 440 x 700
Flue outlet diameter mm 155
Dimensions W x D (mm) 2650 x 1160

* M 40 and M 80 details are in the Twin Heat brochure



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