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Twinheat Cpi 12 – 12 kW Wood pellet boiler


The Twin Heat Cpi12 is a versatile, efficient bio-mass boiler with a heat output of 12 kW, when wood pellets are burned. It will also burn other biomass fuels. It is easy to use, and works well as a stand alone boiler or in conjunction with a solar heating system.

It is produced in Denmark to the highest of standards with an elegant finish. The fire box itself is made of 6 mm special boiler steel. The fuel store is made of 3 mm sheet metal. The powerful stoker auger has a diameter of 90 mm. There is a wide choice of fuels which can be burned such as wood pellets, forest wood chips, industrial wood chips, grains, sawdust, rape and more.

It has been tested to the highest European standard of EN 303-5 and has been previously approved under the Greener Homes Scheme.




    • A wide choice of fuels including wood pellets, wood chips, and grains.
    • Built in storage hopper with 350 litre capacity, so that you don’t have to constantly top it up.
    • Built-in Safety systems – a sprinkler system and a pressure device, and a safety switch in the fuel store lid.
    • Oxygen control to ensure that the stoker always works as optimal as possible.
    • Pre-progammed settings in the controller for pellet, chip and grain.
    • LCD digital display
    • Easy to use

Technical details

Cpi 12 Technical Details

Description Value Cpi 12
Certification CE EN303-5
Heat output with woodpellets (approx 7% moisture)
kW 12
Heat output with woodchip (approx 25% moisture)
kW 10
Heat output with grain (approx 15% moisture) kW 11
Minimum output in pause mode
kW 0.5
Efficiency at nominal output
% 90
Fuel storage capacity L 350
Flue outlet diameter mm 130
Dimensions W x D (mm) 1650 x 750



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