Green Heat Wood Pellets


A wood pellet boiler is an eco-friendly alternative to oil or gas home heating systems. It offers a highly efficient, clean burning and automatic system of heating your home with wood pellet or wood chip. These boilers can be lit automatically and they will then continue to feed the fuel to the fire from the built in storage hopper meaning that there is very little work for you. Due to the efficiencies of wood pellet,  as well as the built-in self cleaning, these boilers will only need to be cleaned out once or twice a week.

The boilers that we supply are not solely wood pellet boilers, but have the flexibility of burning other biomass fuels such as wood chip, and grain. These boilers can be located in an outside shed or garage, due to their size as a result of the built-in fuel storage, or you may wish to purchase or construct your own fuel storage for feeding these boilers.

We are the exclusive agents in Ireland for Twin Heat products. Twin Heat’s boilers are produced to the highest standards, and are versatile. The Turner boiler by Lopper is also a high quality product. Also in both cases do to the large outputs in both the ME Series, M Series and Turner boilers, these can be used as a solution to district heating systems.

We will visit your home, assess your needs and give you a quote - all for FREE!

What is Biomass?


Biomass is used to describe biological material, including plant matter such as wood, or grains, which is generally grown to product heat. Here in Ireland we mainly use wood pellet, wood chip and grain as a renewable fuels for boilers. A very helpful guide about biomass can be found here at the SEAI website.

High quality and safety:

The products that we supply have previously been registered by SEAI under the Greener Homes Scheme (now closed) which means that they have met minimum quality requirements in terms of efficiency, safety (CE marking) and eco-friendliness (low emissions).

Fuel storage

It is possible to get a variety of wood pellet boilers – with built in fuel storage, or with the option of connecting to automatic feed system. Self designed storage and feed systems, where required can be incorporated into our range of boilers to suit local conditions or requirements. NOTE: The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has issued a safety alert recently in relation to bulk pellet storage, which can be seen here.

Buffer tank

Please note that the installation of a buffer tank is recommended as part of the system. For details about buffer tanks, please see our buffer tank section.


What size boiler?

In order to calculate the correct size of the boiler for your home, we recommend that we visit your home and assess your needs. In the meantime as a guide you must take account of several factors, including:

  • each rooms dimensions (LxBxH)
  • pitch of the room
  • materials used in the house, such as whether it’s timber-frame or brick built, floor and roof type, the windows whether they are pvc/wood or metal, the type of insulation used.
  • area of windows

All of these combined to calculate the heat loss of the dwelling, which gives you the kilowatts of the boiler.

However, an old simple rule of thumb may help to give an idea. It takes 50 watts to heat every square metre of a domestic building, and add 3 kilowatts for domestic water. (This is based on the assumption of good insulation).


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