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Solarbayer HVS – Wood gasification boiler 16- 100 kW


This SOLARBAYER HVS range of wood gasification log boilers have an output from 16kW to 100kW and are suitable for burning dry wood, from trimmings and cut-offs to split logs. Logs of 35 to 50cm can be burned in the 16kW, 25kW and 40kW models, and logs of up to 100cm can be burned in larger models. Each boiler has built in combustion controls to monitor exhaust gases and boiler temperature to ensure steady and consistent burning of your wood. It is available with (HVS LC) or without lambda controls (HVS E). It is recommended that to ensure optimal efficiency that a buffer tank or stratification tank be installed with the boiler, so that the heat producted by the boiler can be stored and used when needed by the heating system.

A typical installation would include the following components (known as a HVS set):

    • wood gasification boiler (HVS LC or HVS E)
    • boiler charging unit
    • thermal safety discharge valve
    • buffer tank or stratification tank
    • fire protection insulation
    • expansion vessel matched to buffer tank size and valve
    • boiler safety unit
    • Note: Solarbayer recommend a minimum buffer tank capacity of approx. 55 litres per each kW nominal boiler output for best burner performance, ideally buffer tank size should be 70- 100 litres per kilowatt output.


      • Burns dry wood from trimmings, to cut-offs to split logs with up to 20% moisture
      • Output ranges from 16kW, 25kW, up to 100 kW
      • Highly Efficient – 85 – 91%
      • Large fuel chamber means that it can burn quite long lengths of logs from 50cm to 100cm
      • Convenient and Easy to use – Fill with wood, light it and everything else runs automatically, and is easy to clean
      • Solarbayer gasifying log burners are extremely effective, economical and easy to manage
      • Boiler with downward combustion and upward wood gasification
      • A successful boiler design and robot manufacturing guarantee a long service life
      • Built-in safety device to prevent (excessive) overheating of boiler
      • Fuel utilisation up to 30% more effective than with standard wood-fired boilers at equal filling quantity
      • Meets safety standard EN 305-5

Technical details

Solarbayer HVS 25 E/LC Technical Details

Description Value HVS 25 *

kW 25
Boiler thermal efficiency
% 88-92
Flue outlet diameter mm 159
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 1135 x 590 x 1070
Maximum wood log length cm 50
Maximum fill capacity of beech with 20% moisture kg 30

* Other Model details are in the brochure


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