Drummer - 15kW - 1000 kW

Technologies explained

Drummer – Wood gasification boiler 15- 1000 kW


With over 30 years in production, Lopper has continued to improve the technologies used to produce the Drummer, ensuring that it is a high quality, this reliable, easy to use efficient boiler. The Drummer is essentially a wood gasification boiler, which can burn firewood, chopped wood or low-grade wood waste. It comes in a range of outputs from 15kW all the way up to 1,000 kW. Wood gasification, simply, burning of wood and then the gases from this are then burned, known as secondary combustion. (Want to know more about wood gasification) In short, this means that you will get as much heat benefit as is possible from your wood.

The Drummer is available in a range of outputs from 15kW – 65kW (which burn logs 0.5m in length), 40 – 90kW which burns logs up to 1m in length, and 120 – 1000kW which burn logs up to 1.2m in length.


  • Heat output ranges from 15kW to 1000 kW, but popular output is 35kW
  • Boiler thermal efficiency of between 88 % and 90 %
  • Robust steel finish – built to last
  • Combustion chamber grate is a honeycomb grid of steel and ceramic
  • Due to the design of the conical loading chamber, logs can be easily loaded without getting stuck
  • Built-in water cooling in the load chamber, prevents the uncontrolled burning of the entire load of wood in the chamber
  • With a sloped loading door, it is ideal for loading low grade waste
  • Modulating induced draft blower to eliminate chimney draft issues
  • Integrated control system making start up easy, and increasing the efficiency of the boiler
  • Built-in thermal safety heat exchanger as standard on models up to 90kW
  • Low maintenance
  • 10 year guarantee from Lopper on the pressure vessel and domestic water tank

Technical details

Drummer Technical Details

Description Value Drummer 35 *

kW 30-38
Boiler thermal efficiency
% 88-90
Flue outlet diameter mm 180
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 1400 x 850 x 1300
Maximum wood log length cm 50
Loading capacity of hardwood with 20% moisture kg 72
Loading capacity of softwood with 20% moisture kg 48

* Other Model details are in the brochure


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