We have a selection of versatile boilers for you. If you are coming from a tradition of using just oil or gas, or maybe a solid fuel back boiler, then you will be amazed at the technologies that are here to work for you. Our wood pellet boilers, both from Twin Heat and Lopper, have had a lot of investment and research leading to the development of advanced technology in boilers such as the M Series or the Turner. All of our wood pellet boilers will burn wood pellets as well as other biomass fuels, more of which you can see below.

You may have your own timber in which case maybe a highly efficient wood gasification boiler like the Lopper Drummer could be the solution for you. Find out how a wood gasification boiler works. If you do not have your own wood, then don’t fear, we can deliver to your door good quality hardwood logs.

It’s important to remember that freshly cut timber especially in our damp irish climate may have a high moisture content. All manufacturers recommend burning wood that has a moisture content of less than 20 % to ensure higher fuel efficiency.

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What is Biomass?


Biomass is used to describe biological material, including plant matter such as wood, or grains, which is generally grown to product heat. Here in Ireland we mainly use wood pellet, wood chip and grain as a renewable fuels for boilers. A very helpful guide about biomass can be found here at the SEAI website.

Hardwood logs

Pallet of hardwood logsWe have hardwood logs which are just perfect for burning in your wood gasification boiler, and we can deliver them right to your door.

High quality and safety:

The products that we supply have previously been registered by SEAI under the Greener Homes Scheme (now closed) which means that they have met minimum quality requirements in terms of efficiency, safety (CE marking) and eco-friendliness (low emissions).

Buffer tank

Please note that the installation of a buffer tank is recommended as part of the system. For details about buffer tanks, please see our buffer tank section.

What size boiler?

In order to calculate the correct size of the boiler for your home, you must take account of several factors, including:

  • each rooms dimensions (LxBxH)
  • pitch of the roof
  • the type of insulation used
  • materials used in the house, such as whether it’s timber-frame or block built, floor and roof type, the windows whether they are pvc/wood or metal,
  • area of windows

All of these combined to calculate the heat loss of the dwelling, which gives you the kilowatts of the boiler.

However, an old simple rule of thumb may help to give an idea. It takes 50 watts to heat every square metre of a domestic building, and add 3 kilowatts for domestic water. (This is based on the assumption of good insulation).

But you can take the hassle out of all of this can call us for your free assessment and we will come and carry out a full assessment of your heat requirements.

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