Stove fan


This heat powered stove fan will sit on top of your stove and quietly circulate the warm air from your stove throughout the room. As it is powered by the heat from your stove, it needs no batteries and no electricity. As you know hot air rises, this stove fan will keep your warm air circulating where you feel it most, adding to the comfort of your room, and increasing the heat efficiency of your stove.

It's unique blade system means that it will circulate a broad flow of warm air, and it will spin faster as the fire heats up and more slowly as the stoves cools down.

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The heat powered stove fan is designed to circulate the warm air created by a stove operating with a normal surface temperature of between 65°C and 345°C. It sits on top of the stove, and requires no batteries or mains power.

The unique anodized golden or nickel coloured blade has been specifically designed to deliver a broad cross section of warm air rather than a small cone of concentrated air. A heat sensitive spring will tilt the fan as the stove heats. The stove fan automatically adjusts speed with the stove's temperature, so it will speed up when the stove is heating up and slows down as the stove cools down.


  • Needs no electricty, cords or batteries
  • Increases the comfort of your room
  • Increases the efficiency of your stove – burning 14% less wood
  • Quiet operation