10kg 6mm wood pellets


Green Heat’s premium quality 6mm wood pellets are ideal for use in your wood pellet stove or boiler.  They are available in 10kg and 15kg bags. We deliver these nationwide in one pallet lots.

Each pallet of 10kg bags will hold 120 bags or 1.2 metric tonnes.

Each pallet is approximately 1.4 metres tall, by 1.3 metres wide by 1.3 metres deep.


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Green Heat’s 10kg 6mm wood pellets are a premium quality product. Most wood pellet stove manufacturers recommend 6mm wood pellets as they are more efficient and their size and high quality is best suited for use in wood pellet stoves.

Wood pellets are made from natural wood fibres and there are no additives. It is Lignin, the natural binder in wood that binds the pellet, when it is pressed into shape.

For more details, see our pdf-iconWood Pellet Brochure


Size 6 mm
Grade Premium
Material 100 % Wood
Ash Less than 0.5 %
Fines Less than 0.5 %
Sodium Less than 300 ppm


Additional information

Weight 1200 kg
Dimensions 1300 x 1300 x 1400 mm


Our wood pellets are delivered on a pallet by a truck with a tail lift. In line with delivery policies from all Irish pallet network courier services, the driver is only obliged to deliver the pallet to the edge of your property, but in most cases they will deliver to a garage or shed, if there is easy access to this.

To ensure that delivery can be made, you must ensure the following:

1. That there is somebody there to accept delivery.
2. That the driver has access to your shed / storage area over a smooth surface, such as a driveway of tarmac or concrete.

If you have steps, deep gravel drives, or narrow lanes etc on your property then this could be potentially problematic and you should let us know. In such instances where a delivery fails because you have not informed us of such a problem then we do reserve the right to charge you for the failed delivery.

If you have any queries, please give us a call.


It is very important to remember that while the wood pellets are in bags, they must be stored in a dry covered place such as a shed or garage. Don’t forget that the pallet of pellet is 1.4m high when you are thinking if where to store them.

Also storing the wood pellets on the pallet is a good idea, as it keeps the bags off the ground, reducing the risk of damage or getting wet.