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About us


The concept of Green Heat was born from our experience in the fossil fuel market where, in the future, we see:

  • lower availability of Oil and Gas at higher prices,
  • the potential of energy and carbon taxes

To this end, we have always strived to source high quality products for our customers

We are a family business bringing heating solutions to your family home.


We are a family owned business, and have been trading as a solid fuel importer and distributor since 1986.

Initially, we began to operate from a yard in the port of Foynes, before moving to a larger site some miles away. Here we have invested substantially in equipment for crushing, screening, blending and pre-packing our fuels for delivery to our customers nationwide. We also have three distribution depots, two in Limerick city, one each in Crettyard, Co. Laois, in Cobh, Co. Cork and Ballymount, Dublin from which we supply both retail and wholesale customers. Over the years we have imported industrial coal, and supplied Irish Sugar and the farming co-operatives, and we have traded fuels to the Irish manufacturing market and to the United Kingdom domestic market.

We have always been adaptable to the changes in the heating market; the increased use of smokeless fuels; the move towards renewable fuels and appliances as a result of Kyoto, and we have always strived to supply high quality products to our customers. At times we have lead the way, in particular we were the first company to import wood pellets into the Irish market, and we have worked with universities and government agencies to develop consumer awareness of these products.

In 2004 we pioneered the use of renewable energy in the domestic heating market under the brand name Green Heat. We provide a one stop shop, we:



GH-flamejpgand service heating stoves and boilers;

GH-flamejpgalso supply a full range of fuels as recommended by the manufacturers of all our appliances.

N.B. It is always critical that you burn the fuels as recommended by the appliance manufacturers in order to get the best results from your appliance. Contact us if you need assistance.

We stock highly efficient products from Austria, Denmark and Italy, amongst others. We are trained to install all of the appliances that we sell, and until the recent change in the grant scheme we were SEAI registered installers of the products we sell.

We have always been conscious of consumer demands and continue to add choice for customers. We have recently renovated our showroom at Askeaton where we stock a wide range of pellet, wood burning and solid fuel stoves and boilers. We have installed a functioning woodpellet boiler and wood pellet stove so that you can see how they work.

We continue to add to our range of products, with quality at the heart of our selection.

Come see for yourself!

Legal information:

Name: Green Heat Ltd

Registered Office:
Co. Limerick

Registration Number: 378124

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